A note from Nicole

Being an intuitive is the part of me I kept hidden for years. Fear of rejection and ridicule kept me from standing fully in my power and, regretfully, from helping more people. In fact, the very part of me which I avoided sharing was actually my greatest asset to share. Being intuitive has helped me direct one-to-one sessions with my clients in the direction that brought the greatest healing and transformation. In classes it has helped me use “just the right words” that will transform and resonate deeply with each student who needs the information in order to achieve their a-ha moment. And for me personally, it has helped make the healing and growing process much easier and gentler.

Twenty years ago, when I first began my journey of formally honing my intuitive skills, my teacher intuited I would, one day, trance channel a collective of energies which would create a great shift of awareness and provide an opening of connection for humans. You know, no biggie! 😉 I was a master at hiding and keeping myself small, so really, this was a big stretch and admittedly, I brushed it off. The thought of trance channeling scared me. I didn’t like the idea of letting Spirit into my body and taking over communication. It was probably a result of watching too many horror films in my younger years! Thankfully, I was blessed with years of training with Spirit communication and was held lovingly by my own guides throughout the process. However, when Spirit wants to speak with you, it will find a way! And when it was time, the Tri Luminii arrived.

about Nicole Meltzer

I was first introduced to the Tri Luminii when I was vacationing with my family in the Caribbean. I sat on the balcony of our stateroom on the cruise ship, enjoying the beauty of the early morning sunrise at sea. There, in my robe and a coffee in hand, I became acutely aware of a strong presence beside me. It’s not unusual for me to tune into energies, so it didn’t startle me. However, I admit, I was annoyed. I didn’t want to be in communication with any spirits or to have to “work”. I just wanted to enjoy the sunrise! Everyone was still asleep and I had these precious moments to myself. I think any parent of young children can relate to that feeling! The energy must have picked up on my annoyance because they patiently waited for the sun to break past the horizon before speaking with me. I felt a rising feeling of love as their presence became stronger. The love was so strong, I burst into tears. I had never felt such a peaceful, loving and expansive feeling as this before. As the love grew inside of me, they presented themselves as three beams of light.

“Greetings our loved one, we are the Tri Luminii”.

These simple words began what would become a beautiful relationship of love, growth and insight.

They are not the first collective of energies I have trance channelled. There have been others before them. I have found the process of trancing them to be quite different, though. I don’t know if it is that we are better aligned on our energies; or if their focus on unconditional love is also a consistent driving force in my life; or just simply I’ve grown in my abilities. Whatever the reason, I have deep gratitude for our connection and for the opportunity to introduce you to the Tri Luminii, their messages of unconditional love, and their guidance in helping us all decipher our Intuitive Languages.

A note from the Tri Luminii

Greetings Loved Ones. We are the Tri Luminii. We are communicating with you at this moment in your evolution to assist in the opening of Love and connection between all living beings on your beautiful planet, and beyond. You are ready. You are eager. You are aching for loving connection. We feel this and wish to be of assistance.

Our message is not one of Galactic wars nor movement through dimensions. Our message is of Unconditional Love. This is the energy from which all beings come, and to where all beings will return. It is the vibration which unlocks and accesses Universal wisdom. It is the current of communication between realms. Ours is a unifying message. As we experience it, when humans are connected to Unconditional Love, they are operating from their highest, truest Self. They are in co-creation with the Universe and with each other. There is no need for controlling another when you are connected, because you will experience that all you need is available to you constantly. Additionally, when connected to this energy and being in this state, others cannot control you. This is the ultimate experience of self-empowerment. This is not without conflict and contrast. Conflict and contrast is experienced differently, however. It is more collaborative.

The journey of the Unconditional Love Movement begins with identifying and living your Intuitive Language. So, this is where we begin our communications with you – your Intuitive Language.